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A third space where academia meets industry

“Business as usual” will never do the extraordinary, and only extraordinary can change the world.

Business as usual relies on the familiar, the tried and tested – the ordinary. However, for the world we live in, ordinary will no longer do. Every day, the world over, people face challenges; everyday people with real challenges need real solutions.

The world needs problem solvers – doers, makers, movers and creators. It needs people who dare to make a difference by being the difference. The world needs a new generation of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who find value not in prestige or profit, but in people.

What if we were to challenge “business as usual”? What if there was a space that existed between business and education - where learning meets action and practical solutions meet real world challenges? It was from these questions that the Solution Space was born.

A Solution Space

Our mission is to inspire, nurture and equip the next generation of leaders to build a better future. Through learning, venturing and exchanging, these leaders will turn extraordinary ideas into reality – changing the world around them and challenging others to do the same.

The Solution Space was founded in 2014 at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. Initial capital was received from the university’s Vice Chancellors Strategic Award, and subsequently significant support from our founding sponsor the MTN Group in 2015.

The Solution Space is our distinct approach and model. We create a third space between academia and industry where business can escape the pressures of today to advance new ideas through piloting cutting-edge concepts with Africa’s brightest and most creative minds, and universities can shape research and learning opportunities that are connected to relevant and real world challenges.

We see the genius in ordinary people that have extraordinary ambitions and radical vision for change. These people and are committed to action and the implementation of their ideas. We invite students, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, investors, business leaders and community members alike to join us and create long lasting solutions that will contribute to the wellbeing of Africa, hence our call to #AfricanGenius

Please join us