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The Associate in Management Programme (AIM) is a general management programme that empowers students to realise their full potential and progress in their chosen careers – regardless of their background. Applicants do not need to have a previous degree to apply.

The programme enables emerging leaders to move through junior management by developing essential skills and knowledge, financial fluency, self confidence and personal awareness. Both students and the companies that sponsor them benefit from the process.

AIM programme 2013


AIM is a general management programme and seeks to foster conceptual understanding, knowledge and personal growth. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills to manage well in the contemporary workplace, which is characterised by diversity, complexity, rapid change and increasing global connectedness. Read more...

Learning Process

The programme equips delegates with the skills necessary for efficient group work. Bearing in mind that such skills are essential to good managers, the GSB provides support processes such as group dynamics lectures and facilitated group sessions. Read more...


Assessment is individual and group-based. Assessment methodologies include examinations, presentations, case studies and take-home tests. Work is assessed in terms of the student’s ability to draw on relevant literature and conceptual frameworks and apply critical reasoning. Read more...