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The Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice has been set up as a modular programme four-course programme. All five specialisation streams share the same three core courses, with the specialisation stream comprising the fourth course. 

CORE COURSE 1: Values-based Leadership

Become a leader who inspires and adds value – without compromising on the bottom line. 


On this course students will:

  • Experience personal leadership growth
  • Establish their individual “ground rules” and gain self-awareness
  • Put in place a framework for future enhancement and development (lifelong enhancement)
  • Acquire tools for personal reflection and insight
  • Learn integrative thinking
  • Take part in action learning and system thinking tools
  • Do an integrated case study

The programme has the following learning objectives:

  1. Students will be able to identify and evaluate the core constructs of leadership and its application to local and global contexts;
  2. Students will demonstrate an appreciation of different perspectives and worldviews; and
  3. Students will appreciate the relevance of personal concerns on leadership enhancement and identify and articulate their personal value systems.

Topics covered include:

Complexity, Organisations and Learning
Values Based Leadership
Personal Development
Integrative thinking
Transformational Leadership
Business Model Innovation
Action learning (an introduction to the project)
Systems Thinking Tools
Integrated case study

    CORE COURSE 2: Building Business Acumen

    Gain vital managerial knowledge, tools and techniques to be an efficient and effective manager. 


    On this course students will:

    • Learn business concepts and theories that underpin management practices
    • Be introduced to financial statements and finance
    • Develop personally.
    • Understand core principles of Marketing
    • Be introduced to Operations and Lean Management
    • Gain insights managerial practices on People and Organisation Management
    • Do an integrated case study

    Topics covered include:

    Introduction to Financial Statements / Finance

    Personal Development

    Managerial Statistics


    Operations and Lean Management

    Human Resource Management

    Integrated case study

    CORE COURSE 3: Emerging Markets in Context

    Become flexible and agile in uncertain economic times. Gain managerial and leadership insights to master diverse national and international contexts.


    Learn to understand global economic, social and political trends and developments and how they may directly or indirectly impact on an emerging market economy such as South Africa. On this course students will learn:

    • To understand the different challenges businesses and leaders face when they operate in diverse national and international environments
    • How to adapt to diverse cultures and institutional environments and operate in conditions of uncertainty
    • About the various roles of business on sustainable development issues
    • How to do business in Africa and internationally
    • The role and interplay of business, government and society
    • The role and importance of business ethics
    • An integrated case study

    Topics covered include


    Management and Sustainability

    Personal Development


    Doing Business in Africa

    International Business

    Business, Government and Society

    Governance and Business Ethics

    Integrated case study