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PGDip Specialisation Streams

Programme Details

Upon registration, you can choose one of two specialisation streams for the fourth module of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice.

Stream 1: Innovative Leadership

For managers to move up the organisational ranks successfully, they need to change. The very orthodoxies that made them successful at one level are likely to mitigate success at higher levels.  This programme is geared towards helping managers make this jump, rather than focusing only on transferring information in an attempt to close gaps in existing knowledge, which is often the focus of traditional programmes.

Course title: Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Demonstrate entre/intrapreneurial competencies based on innovation and creativity.

You will learn:

  • How to create value for entre/intrapreneurial enterprises
  • How to develop various managerial tools and skills
  • How to initiate relationships to promote innovation
  • The importance of social innovation
  • The link between entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Personal development
  • Organisational Innovation
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Impact investment and responsible fund management
  • Systems tools
  • Entrepreneurship as a managerial practice
  • Integrated case study

Topics covered include:

Social Innovation

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Personal Development

Organisational Innovation

Social Entrepreneurship

Impact Investment and Responsible Fund Management

Systems Tools

Entrepreneurship as a Managerial Practice

Integrated case study

Stream 2: Business Administration

Do you have what it takes to be an effective and powerful leader? The Business Acumen II course aims to further develop and strengthen business acumen and the application of tools and techniques to unlock your potential. A key learning outcome is robust knowledge and understanding of the financial, accounting, marketing, people management and operational functions of an organisation and the ability to make good judgments and decisions.

​Course title: Business Acumen II

The course is designed for applicants wishing to equip themselves with a solid skill set in financial analysis tools, standard finance techniques, and effective operations, organisation and people management and marketing management practices to progress confidently in their managerial role or to become more effective entrepreneurs.

Students learn:

  • To apply, evaluate and integrate relevant business theories, tools and techniques
  • How to use a range of specialised skills to identify, analyse and address managerial problems and decisions in a confident manner
  • When to demonstrate the ability to contextualise their learning into the organisational environment and how this translates in the approach to business strategy
  • To understand financial statements (continuation from building Business Acumen)
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial analysis and management accounting
  • Managerial statistics
  • Operations management
  • Marketing organisation and people management
  • Financial value management
  • Business strategy
  • Personal development
  • Integrated business


Topics covered include:

Understanding Financial Statements (continuation from building Business Acumen)

Financial Reporting. 

Financial Analysis and Management Accounting

Managerial Statistics

Operations Management

Marketing Management

Organisation and People Management

Financial Value Management

Business Strategy

Personal Development

Integrated Business 

Note: Each stream will proceed subject to a minimum of 12 applications accepted for admission.

Course designs are updated and adapted annually, therefore the topics listed for each course can be considered as a guideline of what students can expect to be covered on each course.