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Global Women’s Leadership programme

The UCT GSB was chosen above several other leading international business schools to develop and host a programme for J&J in Europe, Middle Ease & Africa (EMEA) to advance women in the organisation. The programme was launched in October 2007.

With the programme now in its third year, Rosemary Grant, head of Business Services in the UK, Chairperson for the Women’s Leadership Initiative for J&J in EMEA and sponsor for the programme, looks back this part of a journey in J&J supporting diversity.

“Diversity drives results. Business success and leadership requires that all perspectives and backgrounds exist throughout all parts of today’s organisations. Furthermore, global operations require global reach, thinking and understanding. The programme addresses diversity as a foundation for results in many ways and the choice of UCT brought in a further dimension which is backed by a strong reputation in negotiating diversity and driving change” she said.

Elaine Rumboll, Director of Executive Education, noted that there are significant synergies between the UCT GSB and the programme’s philosophies.

“The most natural way to maximise the different experiences and perspectives found within an organisation is to recognise and harness the strengths of a diverse workplace as J&J is demonstrating. The history of UCT GSB and South Africa brought a unique dimension to delivering on J&J’s objective.”

According to Nina Wanendeya, who headed the team developing the project, the goal of implementing the programme was to support the organisation in its drive towards diversity as a key business imperative.

“The world is more dynamic and more complex, so decision-making and actions require different and faster ways of thinking and acting. At every step, the team was used this as a basis for delivering the result which is an innovative programme that should set J&J  up for continued future success ,” explained Wanendeya.

Health Leadership Programme

In 1999 Johnson & Johnson made funds available for a series of programmes aimed at the public sector health care industry in the Western Cape with the GSB as its key learning partner.

J&J currently sponsors several healthcare leadership development programmes at universities on five continents, including the one at the UCT Graduate School of Business. Other partners include Singapore Management University, Wharton, UCLA, INSEAD and Rutgers.

Programme objectives

The GSB/J&J Hospital Leadership Programme seeks to develop leadership and management skills in the healthcare sector, both by giving participants a solid grounding in the crucial core areas of management and providing them with an insight into critical issues facing healthcare in their context. It serves constituencies that include government officials, hospital administrators, senior clinicians, nurses and community health project leaders.

The aim of this five-day residential programme is to produce a cadre of health sector managers who have an enhanced ability to make sense of their very complex management environment, and to add additional value in a very important sector of society, says HLP programme director Bruce MacDonald of the GSB.

Ten years on

After five years of funding by J&J, the Western Cape Department of Health agreed to fund an additional annual programme from its own resources. This commitment reflects the belief that substantial value is being derived from the programmes.  It also reflects confidence in the GSB's mature and interactive approach to executive education.  To date, seventeen programmes have run, with a current alumni network of over 500 across all areas of the Department of Health. A further two programmes are scheduled for 2011.    

Roger Crawford, Director of Public Affairs for J&J South Africa, says that J&J hopes that the GSB programme can be used as a role model for others in the country. "We are delighted that the Health Department is complementing our efforts. We can't have just one programme in South Africa. The need is huge – and not just limited to the Western Cape," he said.

In December 2002, the GSB hosted the J&J Meeting of the Minds, a weekend conference in which the directors of the J&J-funded programmes around the world gathered with relevant J&J country managers to share perspectives and to establish of global network of health programmes.