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In addition to its many and varied open programmes, award-winning Executive Education at the GSB is internationally acknowledged for its innovative approach to creating customised learning interventions in partnership with its clients.

GSB partnership programmes are uniquely crafted to address the specific needs of a particular company. Understanding that each organisation has distinctive issues and goals, the School works intimately with clients to customise learning interventions that are tailored to make a significant and relevant impact.

No two partnership programmes are the same because no two organisations are identical. At the outset, a client’s organisational efficiencies and leadership requirements are assessed so that interventions are designed in alignment with their vision and strategic objectives. Subject experts and faculty at the GSB collaborate closely with the client in the crafting of all learning material and processes so that programmes are essentially co-created, which is the essence of the partnership relationship. This adds further to the richness and relevance of the intervention.

The in-company programmes are purely developmental and are not constrained by the requirements of accreditation. No formal assessment is necessary, but can be included if the organisation has that requirement.

Benefits of customised  interventions:

  • Clients receive relevant and impactful learning interventions that deliver real value to the bottom line.
  • Participants emerge with tangible insights, skills and knowledge to be more effective in their role in the organisation.
  • Participants build personal mastery and effectiveness.
  • Participants engage cognitively, emotionally and practically and are able to play an active part in co-creating meaning and knowledge for the organisation.
  • Better alignment of strategic goals and talent management.