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The African Investing for Impact Barometer

The African Investing for Impact Barometer is an annual publication launched by the Bertha Centre in 2013. It provides a snapshot of the growing investing for impact (IFI) market in Africa.

Dr Stephanie Giamporcaro, the academic director behind the Barometer, believes that by collecting publicly available information on the industry, and by publishing these findings in a concise manner, the Barometer will help academics, researchers, investment professionals, journalists, civil society and policy-makers to connect investment strategies to the continents needs. 

IFI: investing with the goal of achieving positive social and/or environmental as well as financial returns.

Edition 3, 2015

The third edition of the Barometer has expanded to include Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa and now has a scoring system to measure the quality of IFI strategies. Over 1400 funds were analysed across the three countries, and the data was collected from over 360 Asset Managers, Private Equity and Venture Capitalist organisations.

Of the US$721bn of investment assets surveyed across the three countries, 47% of all funds managed implement one or more IFI strategy according to publicly available information, cross checked by investors.

For more information on what we uncovered, click on the thumbnail below to download the 2015 edition.

We would like to thank the Flanders Government for their generous support, which made this report and research possible.

Edition 2, 2014

Investing for impact (IFI) – the allocation of capital into investments that combine financial returns and positive impact on society and the environment – is on the rise in Africa. Already an international trend, new research shows that it’s a growing and significant slice of the South African and Nigerian investment industry pie. This is the conclusion of the African Investing for Impact Barometer 2014. This year’s edition, compared to the barometer from 2013 edition, is a clear indication of how fast IFI is advancing in Africa’s two biggest economies.

The study is based on website consultations, fund fact sheets and industry association reports. The Barometer surveyed 1 287 funds in total – 951 listed funds and 214 private equity funds or holdings in South Africa, as well as 63 listed funds and 59 private equity funds or holdings in Nigeria.

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Edition 1, 2013

The launch issue of the Investing for Impact Barometer zooms in on South Africa asset managers who were identified as implementing investing for impact strategies through specific SRI funds (acronym used to refer to social responsible investment or sustainable and responsible investing). It also measures what is happening in terms of investing for impact strategies among South African private equity and venture capital firms. It also ranks which impact investment sectors were privileged by asset managers and private equity and venture capital funds. Data was systematically sourced from studies, reports, brochures and websites of professional associations and investment funds.
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For more information on the The African Investing for Impact Barometer, please contact Dr. Stephanie Giamporcaro on