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Application Procedures

This page contains links to all the necessary application procedures for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice. There are a number of documents that are required.

Please read the Executive Education Application Information Sheet (PDF) carefully before submitting your application.

Please note that all prospective applicants are required to complete the UCT Online Application for Admission in 2015 together with the Executive Education (Accredited) Programmes Application Information Document (PDF). In addition, all applicants are required to submit Executive Education Motivation Answers (PDF) and as well as Confidential Evaluator’s Form/s (PDF).

Any enquiries related to credit-bearing programmes should be directed to Gert Annandale on

Company Sponsorship

If your company is sponsoring your studies, a Company Sponsorship Letter will be required.

This letter must include:

  1. Must be on a company letterhead
  2. Students' first name and surname must be noted
  3. Students’ ID. Number / UCT student number (if available) must be noted
  4. The programme of study must be noted
  5. Company must state that it is sponsoring the student
  6. The amount being sponsored must be clearly noted
  7. Payment date must be clearly noted and cannot be later than 1 June 2014
  8. The contact number of the person who is responsible for payment of the fees
  9. If possible a company Purchase Order should accompany the letter

Proforma Invoices can be requested here.