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Core Faculty and Expertise

The GSB has 41 core faculty members. Many are internationally acclaimed as researchers and teachers or are closely involved in national and regional issues whilst playing leading roles in policy formulation and implementation. All are dedicated and gifted individuals who contribute directly to the GSB’s reputation for excellence.

The faculty is supplemented by more than 70 visiting academics and executives from all over the world. Their presence adds to the wealth of expertise and depth of knowledge that is available to students.

Core Faculty

View the core faculty of the GSB - find out about their qualifications and experience in their fields. Read more...

Research Fellows

Find out about the GSB Research Fellows, their qualifications and expertise. Read more...

Visiting Faculty & Teaching Fellows

The UCT GSB is fortunate to have a host of honorary professors and visiting teaching fellows, from UCT and abroad, who give the students and faculty access to their knowledge and expertise. Read more...

Directory of Expertise

A directory of the areas of expertise of all of the faculty members at the GSB. Read more...