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Managing Infrastructure Reform and Regulation


Management Programme in Infrastructure Reform & Regulation

Programme Overview

The Management Programme in Infrastructure Reform & Regulation (MIR) strives to be a leading centre of excellence and expertise for Africa and other emerging and developing economies. Based at the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business, MIR aims at enhancing understanding and building capacity in infrastructure investment, reform and regulation, in support of sustainable development. MIR's main focus at present is in the electricity sectors.

MIR works on three fronts, providing:

  • Executive and professional short courses;
  • Research related to the frontiers of infrastructure investment, reform and regulation in Africa,  and
  • Professional support and policy advocacy.

Prof Eberhard on the folly of big coal, big nuclear and big networks (Video)

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MIR Publication Highlights

The emergence and sustainability of independent power projects in Nigeria
The South African renewable energy IPP procurement programme. Review, lessons learned & proposals to reduce transaction costs
Recommendations for the design of successful renewable energy auctions or competitive tenders in Africa
The South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme: A review and lessons learned
Accelerating investments in power in sub-Saharan Africa
Renewable Auctions in Sub-Saharan Africa
Powering Africa: Facing the Financing and Reform Challenges
Governance failures in infrastructure SOEs widen space for corruption
Renewable energy auctions in South Africa outshine feed-in tariffs
Independent Power Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Lessons from five key countries.
Commission of inquiry could lead us out of power crisis
South Africa's renewable energy IPP procurement programme: success factors and lessons
Conflict of interest at Eskom stymies SA's power supply
Urgent reforms are needed for responsive power sector
Towards a secure, competitively priced and environmentally sustainable electricity future
Grid-connected renewable energy in South Africa: Lessons on competitive tenders versus feed-in tariffs
Investment Power in Africa: Where from and where to? 
Meeting Africa's Power Challenges
Feed-in Tariffs or Auctions:Procuring Renewable Energy Supply in South Africa
Power-Sector Reform and Regulation in Africa:Lessons from Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia - to order book, click here & click here, download book
Light inside: the experience of independent power projects in Nigeria
When the power comes: An analysis of IPPs in Africa
Powering Africa: Meeting the financing and reform challenges
Africa's Power Infrastructure
The future of South African coal: market, investment and policy challenges
Improving the performance of SA's state-owned utilities
Regulation and new investment: The challenge of hybrid power markets
Demise of the standard model for power sector reform and the emergence of hybrid power markets
Matching regulatory design to country circumstances

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