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What really makes the GSB MBA distinct is its holistic approach to learning. Aside from a highly interactive classroom environment, the programme fosters intense engagement between faculty and students and provides rich networking opportunities.

A variety of teaching methods are used to translate theoretical understanding into practical action. Classroom methods include lectures, discussions, role-playing, audio-visual presentations, individual and group presentations and guest lectures. Practical experience is gained through engagement with real businesses as well as individual and group learning opportunities.

To balance fewer contact hours on the modular MBA programme the learning process includes innovative and supportive practices.

There are four key principles to the MBA Learning Experience:

Classroom, individual and group activities are combined in a tight sequence, necessitating a high degree of engagement between students and faculty. This compresses many of the key challenges of a career into short and intense periods of learning, reflection and action that equip students to manage under pressure.

Much of the course work on the MBA is carried out in groups, preparing students for the challenges of managing and being part of a team. Skills such as team-building, communication, delegation, negotiation and conflict resolution are honed through group interaction.

Exposure to real-world issues is a key part of learning at the GSB. MBA students apply their knowledge through site visits, company-based projects and a company analysis project. Many electives on the MBA, particularly the entrepreneurial electives, also require students to consult to organisations.

Mechanisms are in place to support students. Lecturers are readily available to help with both academic and personal development. Additional learning support is provided to Modular MBA students through a dedicated student learning support facility. The support network extends beyond the MBA programme, to include partners and families of students.