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The GSB MBA is one of the toughest and most challenging of its kind. The full-time course is compressed into 11 months while the modular version runs over two years.

Both programmes are structured around 13 compulsory core courses that address the fundamentals of management. Students can then tailor their studies by selecting additional courses from a selection of electives.

All study materials are accessible 24/7 via our web-based student portal and E-Books are available through the GSB library and a virtual textbook library. Students will be informed about the technical requirements through the Admissions department once accepted onto the programme.

Our standards for academic performance

The average pass rate on the MBA programme is 96% and the school works hard to ensure that once you are accepted onto the programme you will graduate successfully.

To ensure that you know what is expected of you, the academic requirements are clarified in each prescribed course outline so that you have a clear understanding of what merits a first class pass or a passing grade. Additionally, through summative assessments, faculty will provide on-going feedback on your academic achievements in a course. And through robust classroom engagement and discussion you will get additional feedback on your contributions and understanding of material covered. Vulnerable students are provided one-on-one guidance either with a faculty member, the student support coordinator or the director of the programme.

The GSB values academic integrity and students are required to use Turn-it-in to ensure that their submissions are free from plagiarism. Where similarity indices are above average and where warranted, students are managed in accordance with the University’s academic code of conduct.