Dr Nceku Nyathi

POSITION: Senior Lecturer

QUALIFICATIONS: BSc (Hons) International Agribusiness Management | The Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, UK | MA in Organisation Studies, University of Warwick, UK | PhD in Management, University of Leicester, UK

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Organisation studies and theory Leadership, Critical Perspectives on management, International management learning, Postcolonialism

EMAIL: nceku.nyathi@gsb.uct.ac.za


Nceku Nyathi started working at UCT GSB in September 2013 as a Senior Lecturer at the Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership. Previously he worked at The Open University Business School and The University of Leicester, School of Management. He has a Bsc (Hons) from Cirencester, an MA from Warwick and PhD from University of Leicester. From 2010-2012 he was part of  Advancing Business Learning for Employability in Ghana (ABLE-Ghana/funded by UK government’s educational partnerships in Africa scheme ) a collaboration between The Open University Business School, and five top Ghana’s Business Schools to promote modern management education through active learning, experiential and reflective learning as well as employer engagement to produce high quality graduates. 

At OUBS he was part of the team that developed the new stage 1 of the MBA program: ‘Management perspectives and practice’ and the MBA elective on Leadership and Management in Intercultural contexts.  He has also worked in teaching and education development in a variety of countries, including Asia, Europe and Africa. 

Nceku is a founding member of the Africa Academy of Management. His research interests are in critical perspectives of postcolonial voices in organisation theory, critical approaches to leadership, intercultural leadership, international management including implementation of western approaches and HRD practices in non-western or multinational contexts; the ‘internationalisation’ of management education; the role and development of the MBA and Internationalisation/globalisation of management learning/education; individual and organisational learning within an international context, globalization and behaviour in the global economy. 




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