Dr Linda Ronnie

QUALIFICATIONS: Adv Diploma in Adult Ed Cape Town; MEd Sheffield, PhD (UCT)

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Managing people in organisations, Organisational change, Adult learning, Sociology of education, Research methodology, HR good practice and management, Organisational behaviour

EMAIL: linda.ronnie@gsb.uct.ac.za


Dr Linda Ronnie is a Senior Lecturer in People Management and Organisational Behaviour at the UCT Graduate School of Business. Prior to her academic career, Linda worked in the manufacturing sector where she gained extensive management experience. Her PhD focussed on non-degreed mature adults entering the higher education environment and the consequences of this experience on students’ relationships with significant others in their lives. Her MEd dissertation, concluded at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, looked at the impact of training and development on the self-esteem of black managers in South Africa. Beyond her focus on adult learning and experience, Linda’s research interests include the attraction, retention and motivation of talented, capable employees seen through a generational lens and the role of the psychological contract in shaping individuals’ working lives.




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