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The Lean Institute Africa (LIA) is a non-profit company established to promote lean management in South Africa and Africa. It was founded in 2007. It is a member of the Lean Global Network, a network of 18 lean institutes world-wide which disseminates the learning about how to implement lean programmes effectively to affiliated institutes.

LIA’s mission is:

Building the community of lean practitioners through action research and knowledge sharing, to help organisations serve their customers better.

As the local custodian of experience-based lean management, LIA’s mandate is to deepen this knowledge through research and practice. This role enables LIA to provide high-quality content in its educational programmes and leading edge practice for the organisations with which it partners to implement lean management practices.

LIA has been involved in introducing lean principles and practices in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, mining, commerce, healthcare, retail, public sector administration and service delivery, and the NGO sector. LIA’s services include:

  • Diagnostic process mapping and A3 problem-solving;
  • Co-learning partnerships with organisations on their lean journey;
  • Workshops such as Introduction to Lean Management and Rapid Process Improvement;
  • Advanced workshops on Lean Leadership and the Lean Transformation Framework;
  • The Lean Management Development Programme;
  • The Lean Summit Africa and the Lean Healthcare Summit;
  • CEO and management coaching on lean leadership and systematic problem-solving;
  • Support to industry associations to disseminate Lean Management and Thinking.
  • LIA was founded by emeritus professor Norman Faull and Dr Anton Grütter. LIA’s network of facilitators and coaches are selected for their proven-track records. Between them the LIA team has close on a century of experience.

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