Fintech for Financial Services Professionals - Overview


The fast-moving financial services industry is facing major digital disruption. Emerging platforms and decentralised technologies are providing new ways to transfer value and analyse information, leading to increased competition from agile and innovative start-ups. Financial services professionals need fresh insight, knowledge and practical skills to thrive in this new landscape.

The GSB's short course, Facing the Fintech Disruption Challenge: Fintech for Financial Services Professionals, will ensure that you master these innovations and the challenges and opportunities they pose. Delegates gain a thorough understanding of the foundations and principles that enabled the rise of fintechs and examine case studies for an in-depth analysis of specific innovations such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The course advances fintech knowledge, much needed in the industry, and gives delegates insight into the applications, limitations and risks of technological innovations.

Is this course for me?

Digital and fintech knowledge are essential for career advancement and organisational strategy today. This three-day course is for banking and financial services professionals and will be of particular value to those working in:

  • Financial planning
  • Auditing
  • Governance
  • Risk and compliance 

Admission requirements include a National Senior Certificate and English proficiency. Experience within the financial services industry at managerial level will be beneficial.

Key take-outs

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  1. Locate recent changes in the financial services industry, and the challenge posed by disruptive fintech innovations, within the global and local regulatory environment.
  2. Recognise how financial services institutions traditionally create value for their customers, and why their business models are being challenged by fintechs.
  3. Evaluate successful fintechs, and understand how they have challenged incumbents by using technology to create customer value.
  4. Explain blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, including recognising the necessary foundations in cryptography.
  5. Explain when - and when not - distributed ledgers are the appropriate technological solution.
  6. Gain a deeper understanding of where exactly fintechs will be able to challenge existing business.
  7. Discuss the possibilities of blockchain - and its limitations.
  8. Outline applications of blockchain, especially in the areas of supply chain management, document management, compliance, and the Internet of Things.
  9. Examine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum in detail, focusing on smart contracts and distributed autonomous organisations (DAOs).
  10. Analyse cases and potential pitfalls, including possible implications for risk management and systemic risk.

Course information

Facing the Fintech Disruption Challenge: Fintech for Financial Services Professionals runs in Cape Town and Johannesburg. For more information please contact the Executive Education department at the UCT Graduate School of Business on 0860 UCT GSB or email

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Director of Executive Education


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