Fatima Hamdulay

POSITION: Senior Lecturer

QUALIFICATIONS: BSc(Eng), University of Cape Town, MBA, University of Cape Town, BSocSci (Hon), Awarded in the First Class, University of Cape Town

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Operations management, Change leadership

EMAIL: fatima.hamdulay@gsb.uct.ac.za


Fatima joined the GSB in 2007 as a senior lecturer in Operations Management. As a relative newcomer to the academia she has her sights set on making a tangible contribution to the GSB and beyond. She brings the dual ability to deal successfully with process and people respectively into her new position.
Fatima graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in 1994. She then began working for high profile Cape Town-based company, SANS Fibres as a Process Engineer. In addition to her technical expertise she found herself playing an important role in the transformation of the company, which sparked her deep interest in human capital issues.
Her interest in the organisation transformation resulted in her doing her MBA on a part time basis at the GSB.

After leaving SANS Fibres in 2003 she moved to a small Cape Town-based company as a change agent. During this time she took up contract teaching assignments at UCT, lecturing 3rd year undergrads in organisational change.

In 2006 Fatima took a year of to study for Honours in Religious Studies at the UCT Graduate School of Humanities while simultaneously learning a new language: Arabic.




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