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2017 Business Model Innovation


Change the way your company is set up for innovation and growth. The Business Model Innovation short course at the UCT Graduate School of Business helps new managers, middle managers and entrepreneurs to implement fresh thinking within their organisation, to help prepare for and capitalise on volatile and uncertain conditions in tough economic times.

Today’s global world is interconnected, complex, uncertain and filled with constant change. Even the most successful companies cannot afford to be lulled into complacency as new competitors might emerge at any moment and undermine a company’s current business model. From Uber to AirBnb, from Amazon to Mpesa, companies have emerged that have completely transformed the markets in which they operate, and disrupted the established incumbents in their respective industries.

It is almost impossible to plan for all possible business threats. This means that for managers, it is essential to become comfortable with the fact that there will always be a gap between what we can know or anticipate, and what we do not know or cannot even imagine yet. This gap might seem very hard to cross, but it needs to be embraced. It provides excellent impetus for innovation.

Business model innovation is ultimately about creating value – for companies, customers and society. Regardless of the scale at which you choose to imagine and design business model innovation, it is always about reviewing your current business model and assessing where and how value-creating changes can be made.
Through a combination of theoretical frameworks and practical application, this course lays an advanced understanding of the ways of imagining, conceptualising, designing and implementing new business models.

Is this course for me?

This short course is ideal for new managers, middle managers and entrepreneurs who have established businesses for at least two years who are interested in tackling particular challenges in their organisation as well as anyone wanting to learn or create new thinking, systems or processes within their companies or organisations in order to achieve sustainable growth.

Key take-outs

  • Candidates will learn about innovation – what it is, and how it can be imagined and designed. They will further learn about different business model innovations currently transforming organisations and industries.

  • Candidates will be taken through a journey of imagining, conceptualizing and designing business models for their own world.

  • They will take away with them a toolkit that will enable them to implement this business model innovation in their own teams, departments and/or organisations.

Course information

The course content will cover the following areas:

  • Business model innovation
  • Understanding and measuring value (discussion and small group exercises) 
  • Creating value
  • Exploring integrative thinking (discussion and small group exercises)
  • Business design (discussion and small group exercises)
  • Building capacity
  • Provide a framework for the development of a personal approach

For more information please contact the Executive Education department at the UCT Graduate School of Business on 0860 UCT GSB or email

24 - 25 July 2017

Application Deadline:
24 June 2017

Tuition Fee:
R12 000