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2017 Strategic Thinking and Execution for Growth


Where there is volatility, there is also opportunity – and business leaders who can identify and leverage such opportunities will prosper.

The Strategic Thinking and Execution for Growth (STEG) short course at the GSB equips business leaders and executives to think and act strategically to grow their businesses in challenging times.

This strategy programme builds organisational resilience and delivers results. For four days, delegates are immersed in strategy, critical thinking, and business model innovation. The tools for engaging in a strategic conversation are provided, along with the key elements needed to develop a dynamic blueprint for strategy and execution for growth. A core focus of the programme is on value transformation, from concept to communication and delivery.

Is this course for me?

This executive programme is aimed at leaders of organisations, senior executives, senior managers, specialists, change agents and consultants who want to enhance their strategic thinking skills and implement strategy effectively.

Key take-outs

  • Understand and apply strategic thinking and planning frameworks and tools in your organisation. 
  • Engage effectively in a strategic conversation of relevance to the organisation.
  • Build and communicate a strategic plan.
  • Address the latest trends and challenges facing organisations.
  • Identify how to strengthen the organisation’s business model.
  • Create and prioritise strategic options effectively.
  • Sharpen the value proposition and value delivery system.
  • Build organisational resilience.
  • Influence strategic decision-making.
  • Be able to implement strategy effectively.

Course information

The course runs in Cape Town on the GSB campus. For more information please contact our Executive Education department at the UCT Graduate School of Business on 0860 UCT GSB or email

21 - 24 August 2017 (Cape Town)
01 - 04 August 2017 (Johannesburg)

Application deadlines:
21 July 2017 (Cape Town)
2 July 2017 (Johannesburg)

Tuition fee:
R21 600