Research - Completed Minor Dissertations for MCOM

  • Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in South Africa: A sector Level Causality Analysis. Michael Maseko.
  • A cross sectional analysis of SME failure within the industrial sector. Kofi Amparbeng.
  • Micro-enterprise finance as an empowerment tool for women-owned businesses: lessons from Kenya and South Africa. Mary Waimaitha.
  • Examining spending capacity to deliver infrastructure in Kwazulu-Natal. Simo Mncwango.
  • The management of public expenditure by the Eastern Cape Departments of Education and Health (2007/8 to 2011/12) and compliance with the PFMA. Gloria Gugu Shabalala.
  • REER misalignment and economic growth in the CAEMC region. Baba Mohamadou.
  • Review of the competitive bid for PV in South Africa: is SA maximising job creation and value for money from its photovoltaic industry? Michael Eugene Mulcahy. 
  • An analysis of funding liquidity risk in the South African banking system. Mpisekhaya Khaya Zonke.
  • Responsible private equity. Xolisa Dhlamini
  • The effect of family ownership on performance: evidence from the South African clothing and textiles manufacturing industry 2009-2011. Lungile Ntsalaze.
  • Social cost benefit analysis of projects of South African DFIs: The industrial development cost. Lungile Liberato Tom.
  • The impact of project flexibility on project choice and capital structure. Shaun Alfred Forbes.
  • The impact of remittances on financial sector development: an exploration in the SADC region. Catherine Denoon-Stevens.
  • Does funding huge capital outlay projects through project finance enhance shareholders’ value? John Mheyamwa.
  • SMME access to finance in South Africa. Victor Khotso Ndjwili-Potele.
  • Public pension funds and socially responsible investment in South Africa: a case study of the Public Investment Corporation. Victor Luvhengo.
  • Costs and benefits of electricity subsidies in Uganda. Charles Victor Byaruhanga.
  • Venture capital in emerging economies: A comparative study between South Africa and Poland. Pumeza Ndzululeka.
  • Financial inclusion: a look at the institutional and credit organisational enablers in the South African market. Loise Gitonga.
  • Savings and shock-coping behaviour in South Africa’s metropolitan townships. Maurizio Santamicone.
  • Cooperative financial institutions as a source of development finance: A case study on Sub-Saharan Africa. Michelo Mitchell Nzila.
  • The effect of capital flows on the Kenyan economy. Njoki Zipporah Muthuuri.
  • The impact of broad based black economic empowerment on financial performance of top empowered companies listed on the JSE in South Africa. Tamara Govender.
  • The sustainability of micro-finance institutions in South Africa. Teboho Louis Lekatsa.
  • Infrastructure finance in Africa through the public private partnership (PPP): is the Lekki-Epe toll road (Nigeria) economically sustainable? Temitope Ojo.
  • Zimbabwe dollarization: short term gift; long term curse. Reintroducing the Zimbabwe dollar using the gold standard. Mutemwa Ushewokunze.
  • Impacts and issues of a social innovation approach to development finance: A case study of Zoona. Lelemba Phiri.
  • An assessment of the barriers to entry and expansion for small, medium and micro enterprises in the cement industry in South Africa. Lerato Lentsoane.
  • Impact investing in South Africa: Identifying the global and local forces shaping this emerging investment market. Jochen Luckscheiter. 
  • Causal linkages between FDI, financial sector development, remittances, domestic savings and economic growth in South Africa. John Mbu.
  • The effects of the liberalisation of capital controls with respect to the inflow of foreign direct investment in the mining industry in South Africa. Edwin Maitho.
  • Venture capital and entrepreneurial development in Gauteng. Ephraim Hamnca.
  • Foreign aid and economic growth in medium and micro-enterprises in the cement industry in South Africa. Alain Feudjou.
  • Testing the appetite of potential players in the housing microfinance field to develop niche loans for backyard shack formalization. Eloise Rousseau.
  • Communication and its impact on enterprise financial sustainability. Annie Kapepula.
  • The impact of public spending on roads infrastructure on Malawi’s economic growth. Alexander Makhwatha.
  • Impact of the farm input subsidy programme on the smallholder farmers’ income in rural Malawi. Charity Musonzo.
  • Investigating the factors that constrain growth of funded SMME's in KwaZulu Natal province: A case study of Ithaza Development Finance Corporation. Joseph Mubonderi.
  • Angola model: the alternative for Africa’s development challenges? The case for Zimbabwe. Shepherd Nyere.
  • Can individuals be influential in driving sustainable and responsible investing? A research report. Juliana Nkomo.
  • Is public debt boosting economic growth in SADC? Zanele Sogoni.
  • Social entrepreneurship in Kenya: understanding models, drivers, constraints and opportunities for enhanced impact in health care. Rachel  Chater.
  • Crowd funding in South Africa: exploring the democratization of finance as a driver of entrepreneurial ecosystem development. Adam Bennot.
  • Towards sustainable microfinance: the case of Capitec bank and Grameen bank. Anna Elizabeth (Annette) Grobler.
  • Expiration effect of covered warrants traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Lungelo Gumede.
  • Measuring financial development in Africa. Dieter Hoffman.
  • Investigating sense making and sense giving capabilities of MSMEs in responding to risks: the case of a manufacturing firm in Kenya. Linda Gathoni Kirigi.
  • Determinants of non-performing loans in a multicurrency environment: A case of Zimbabwe. Collen Masunda.
  • A case for adoption of a sustainability index for listed companies on the Nairobi stock exchange. Alvin Mbugua.
  • An investigation into the evolution of Sustainability Reporting among the JSE Top 10 Socially Responsible Companies. Melody Memela
  • An econometric assessment of external debt sustainability indicators in Zambia. Ngandwe Mumbi.
  • Donor funding and crowding out of public spending in agriculture: evidence from low and middle income countries. Ritta Shine.
  • Assessing municipal borrowing and low spending on capital infrastructure in high capacity municipalities in the Western Cape. Alexander Donovan.
  • The impact of remittances on economic growth in CARICOM. Faith Winifred Eileen Millington.
  • The impact of credit constraints on agricultural productivity in Tanzania. Baraka Msulwa.
  • Wage inequality in South African as a driver of labour unrest since 1997. Ann-Maree Tippoo.
  • Mergers and acquisitions and impact on development: The case of South Africa. Tom Tshitangano.
  • South African asset manager perceptions on the integration of climate change risks into equity investment decision-making processes. Nontokozo Ndebele.
  • A qualitative analysis of social enterprises as mechanisms for boosting agricultural productivity in Kenya. Shirley Mburu.
  • Exploratory study to evaluate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Namibia’s manufacturing sector. Chivimbiso Maponga.
  • The Industrial Development Corporation’s distressed funding: effectiveness in rescuing distressed companies following the global financial crisis of advised and non-advised individual investors. Mamoekeng Matlaila.
  • Simulation-based valuation of project finance investments in Sub-Saharan Africa and its effect on NPU distributions and default probabilities. John De Villiers.
  • The impacts of the international financial architecture on sovereign debt management in Africa: a case study of Zimbabwe. Ropafadzo Anesu Shoko.
  • An exploratory study of project financing urban infrastructure in affordable housing in South Africa. Ayanda Magqaza.
  • Comparative analysis of financing instruments used by development finance institutions: lessons for BRICS development bank. Sango Ntsalube.
  • A Markowitz mean-variance analysis of hedge fund investments for multi-asset class portfolio holders in South Africa. Lushan Naidoo.
  • Soft commodities, the efficacy of weekly engulfing and piercing candlestick patterns, and the ramifications for the efficient market hypothesis. Simon Hutton.
  • Bound to impact: A best guide to term sheets in African impact investing delays. Pepper Nicholas Edward.
  • Promoting regional trade in the SADC region: dentifying opportunities for manufactured exports from South Africa in Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Moodliar Loshini.
  • Using project bonos to fund South Africa’s infrastructure development. Sithole Londa.
  • A critical assessment of the South African bond market. Sze Winnie Wing Yin.
  • Evaluation of commercialisation of water and sanitation sector in Zambia: A case of Lusaka water and sewerage company. Banda Ason.
  • The determinants of participation in microfinance and its impact on rural welfare: case study of the national bank Botswana’s Temo Bokamoso lending programme. Bayen Bayen Eddie.
  • Comparative assessment of matching grants and microcredit interventions in improving livelihood of peasant farmers. Kabengele Godfrey.
  • The fundamental determinants of the South African real exchange rate from 1995 to 2014. Majaya Bongani.



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