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Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice


Don’t just lead – inspire!

A generalist business qualification, offering five specialisation streams, to give you a head start in business and help you become the leader you were meant to be. 

The UCT Graduate School of Business does not only educate, it transforms and inspires. This new pre-masters business programme packs a power punch of vital business skills for success in uncertain economic times. Perfect for middle managers who want to enrich their careers, junior managers with proven leadership potential, or specialised individuals moving into general management roles.

The programme:

  • Accelerates personal growth.
  • Develops crucial business skills, especially for complex environments.
  • Builds business and industry competence.
  • Teaches you how to excel and succeed without compromising on values or ethics
  • Shows you how to achieve sustainability and profitability while adding value.
  • Is modular - so you implement what you learn in your workplace to the immediate benefit of your organisation or industry.