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Executive Education


Executive Education at the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) is rated and respected internationally for the calibre and style of its leadership and management development programmes.

Our original and interactive courses are ideal for the new generation of leaders wanting to engage with the challenges of doing business in emerging markets. They cover a broad spectrum of interests, from general management issues to industry-specific programmes to suit every taste.

View Exec Ed Digital BrochureOrganisations can also work with the GSB to design Customised Programmes for their employees, drawing on our range of non-accredited and credit-bearing courses and qualifications and vast internal expertise. These are co-created with organisations and informed by more than 20 years of research and practice at the UCT GSB that has produced a number of key insights into how adults learn.

As the GSB programmes are designed to address unique challenges in specific organisations, they offer clients the opportunity for authentic development, enabling them to make their organisations more viable and to deliver exceptional value to stakeholders.

Academic Programmes

Modern business management practice requires a wider appreciation of value and value creation across organisations, industries and economies. In today’s competitive and transforming socio-economic environment businesses need to focus on current and future value-adding processes and the stakeholders for which value is or is not recreated. Read more... 

Credit-Bearing Programmes

The credit-bearing programmes are targeted at practicing managers. Their starting point is that the world of management is too complex to lend itself to simple prescriptions and formulaic methods. Thus they emphasise process and knowledge, rather than just technique. Read more...

Short Courses

The UCT Graduate School of Business short courses are holistic, multi-disciplinary, research-based, and encourage participants to develop their ability to think critically and innovatively. Read more...